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Many employers today are interested in seeing samples of your work. A portfolio should include samples of your recent work and the samples should relate to the type of position you are applying for. In fields such as Architecture, Fine Arts and Interior Design, an employer relies heavily on a portfolio to evaluate a candidate's work and to help them measure the qualifications of an applicant. It is understood that applicants in these areas would bring a portfolio to the interview.

In other professions like Education or Journalism, a portfolio can also be used as a marketing tool, providing samples of work such as lesson plans and completed projects or assignments. A portfolio is offered to an employer and He/She will decide whether or not they would like to look at it.

It is crucial that a portfolio show the full range of your skills which are relevant to the position. In clothing design for example, this may involve designs completed using different mediums (such as markers, CAD, etc.) and a variety of styles. As well, the portfolio must be well organized, so if an employer asks to see a sample of a particular type of work, it can be located quickly.

If you are not interested in making a portfolio, writing samples can still be very helpful. If possible, take essays or reports that are pertinent to the job you are looking for. For writing samples, you are better to take something fairly brief (5-10 pages) that could be perused quickly.


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